Towards a permanent centre

Muskaan is working hard to establish a permanent school and hostel for slum children. Muskaan has been using rented premises to carry out its work of teaching children from slum communities. Facilities have had to be changed every two years as house owners and residents actively discourage and discriminate against such children in their premises. Leases of rented premises are also not provided beyond two to three years. These limitations have resulted in the relocation of Muskaan’s classrooms every two years since its establishment in 1998.

In this process, students lose vital learning time due to the changing class timings and locations. Besides this, the rhythm and pace of studying and teaching is disrupted, and much effort goes into re-initiating students in the new space.

It has become crucial for Muskaan to establish a permanent learning center, which children from slum communities can use with dignity and without hindrance to learn, study and further their dreams and aspirations. To address this, Muskaan bought a piece of land just outside Bhopal with the help of donors and a large loan in December 2010. This was repaid by early 2013. After putting an initial pool together, we have started the construction of the campus, but are still a far off to meet the full costs. Foundation grants are rarely available for construction, as they focus on program operations, hence the help of each donation no matter how large or small is precious.

Help make this dream of a permanent learning centre come to life by making a contribution of any amount. Please contact your friends or reach out to anyone you know who might be interested in making a donation to help in this quest to build a permanent place where slum children are always welcome.

Construction for the permanent centre begun in May 2014 and is expected to be completed by October 2016. Students currently studying at our registered school and boarding school will be moved to this permanent centre.Further information on the permanent centre can be found here: Towards a Permanent Centre

Towards a child’s education for a year

This includes tuition, books and a meal @ Rs 5000/-

Towards meals for children studying at Muskaan

One meal for 300 children studying at Muskaan’s Learning Center @ Rs 1500/-

Towards a computer

As the world becomes more dependent on the internet and computers, efforts are being made to set up a computer centre where children can learn basic computer literacy.

Towards operational costs

As an organisation working on a needs basis with vulnerable communities, we often come across unexpected expenses which are required in our intervention. As such, we appreciate any contribution which goes towards our operational costs.

How can I donate?

By Mail: Send donations in the name of “Muskaan” to LIG 174 Harshwardhan Nagar, Mata Mandir, Bhopal 462010

By Bank Transfer: Muskaan can receive donations from India and abroad. Please e-mail for our bank account details.

For Indian Nationals: All donations in Indian rupees are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G

International Tax Exemptions

For USA Tax Exemption: Donations can be made online ( ) or by check to Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter, PO Box 2407, Redmond, WA 98073-2407, USA

Please specify that the donation is for “STAR: building construction for Muskaan”

For Australian Tax Exemption: Online donation can be made via (RAWCS Project 40-2013-14 Muskaan School)

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