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August 17, 2020

Friends, It has been a tremendously difficult time for everyone, and in some ways it has also led to new ways of making meaning and adapting to these unprecedented circumstances. The already marginalized working-class in the bastis of Bhopal, where we are based, are particularly struggling, having lost their livelihoods and having been stranded in …..

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मदनी नगर में पुस्तकालय

August 7, 2020

मदनी नगर, बर्राई सन 2017 में डीएनटी एकजुटता के संदर्भ में हम लोगों का अलग-अलग जगह जाना हुआ।जहाँ भी घुम्मकड़ समुदाय के लोग रहते थे, उनसे मिलने और एकजुटता प्रोग्राम की जानकारी साझा करने के उद्देश्य से झागरिया जाना हुआ। उसी रास्ते में जाते हुए इस बस्ती (मदनी नगर) पर नजर पड़ी।वहाँ रुककर हमने एक-दो …..

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Lockdown for the people of Shyam Nagar, Bhopal

May 20, 2020

“We all are very troubled because of the lockdown. The government has closed everything to save everyone from the virus, to contain its spread and to treat those who are COVID-positive, it’s a good thing, in a way. But they didn’t think about us who live in the bastis. We beg and fill our stomachs, …..

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करोंद,भोपाल में गाड़िया लोहार समुदाय

May 12, 2020

गाड़िया लोहार समुदाय, करोंद भोपाल बेवा कॉलोनी, करोंद में रह रहे गाड़िया लोहार के 12 परिवार में 40 सदस्य हैं| ये मूल रूप से राजस्थान कोटा के फुटपाथ पर रहने वाले हैं| काली बाई बताती हैं, “हम 50 साल से ही फुटपाथ पे रहते आ रहे हैं| आज़ादी आई जब से ही अलग अलग जगह …..

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Mothers’ experiences in the Lockdown

May 10, 2020

We put together some experiences of motherhood and mothering that we have been seeing in the lockdown around us. This includes women who spend long hours standing in the sweltering heat to secure a meal for their families day after day, women who are not just trying to create a safe home for their children …..

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राहत सामग्री पहुँचाते हुए कुछ अनुभव

May 3, 2020

ज़रूरतमंदों को राहत सामग्री पहुँचाने के दौरान बहुत से ऐसे अनुभव हो रहे है जो दुखी कर देने वाले हैं और सोचने का अलग नज़रिया देते हैं| लोग इस मुश्किल दौर में कैसे अपना जीवन जी रहे हैं, उनसे मिलकर, बात करके वास्तविक स्थिति का पता चलता है| भूख और बीमारी का डर  हिनोत्री आदिवासी …..

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Lockdown’s Impact in the Lanes of Bhopal

April 15, 2020

We have lost thousands due to malnutrition, silicosis, spread of poisonous gases and other such circumstances which could have been controlled, but the world did not stop to look back. These were tragedies that unfolded in the margins of our country. Even today, we are seeing 24/7 coverage of COVID19, a virus which would have …..

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Experience of 6 days of relief work

March 28, 2020

Lockdown… Food Requirements… Responses There is no doubt in anyone’s mind on how the lockdown is going to impact the economy in the long run. While some people may lose their profits and ventures, another big chunk will lose their jobs, and yet another bigger proportion -the unorganised sector – has been  at the brink …..

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