We work in Bhopal, the state capital of the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

Within the larger mandate of working with with the working class populations living in bastis and shanties in the city, we have been focusing more on tribal populations.  Usually forming a cluster of 80 to 120 households within a larger basti, Bhopal has several tribal communities who have migrated into the city. Their vulnerabilities and poverty persist in various forms, including the living conditions as well as attitude from the outside world. Gonds, Agariyas and Pardhis are the predominant groups we have been engaging with.

Muskaan works in the following bastis in Bhopal :




Name of slum Community Profile Land Title
Rajeev Nagar Large Pardhi community with other communities – Kathputli, Registered slum
Gautam Nagar Ojha Gond community Private plot of land
Sargam Dalits and Muslims Private plot of land
Bapu Nagar Agariya tribal community Government land earmarked for weekly market
Nehru Nagar Agariya tribal community Small plots registered
Barkhedi Agariya tribal community Relocated slum site outside the city, but allotments not done
Banjari Basti, New Ambedkar Nagar Pardhi community Government land, basti under dispute; stay on eviction
Gandhi Nagar Large Gond and Pardhi community
Suraj Nagar
Bagh Mughaliya Large Gond community amidst a larger slum Old relocation slum site on the ouskirts
Nishatpura Muslim community near railway tracks
Shyam Nagar Large Gond community Scheduled for relocations to JNNURM buildings
Sevaniya Gond Large Gond and Bhil community Periphery village
Ganga Nagar Large Gond community Scheduled for relocations to JNNURM buildings