Empowering Children and Youth

We believe that with the kind of energy that youth contains, the possibility of sensing the hope for social change is vast. However, the lack of appropriate channelizing the energy could also derail the youth towards the behavior of self-harm. Thereby, it is essential to ensure the sense of empowerment and the realization of dignity. Within the vulnerable communities, the essential rights of children and youth are often violated. When such instances happen in their everyday lives, it leads to deterioration of mental health and often leads to self-harming tendencies.

In order to address this, we constantly and consistently make attempts with children and youth of different bastis of Bhopal through several means that include performative arts (Theater of the oppressed) that talk about their realities in authentic ways, the sport (Ultimate Frisbee) that inculcate democratic values and gender inclusiveness and forming children and youth collectives (Azad Jugnu Club and Yuwaon Ki Awaz) that can realize individual and a collective sense of empowerment. Following are the ways in which we connect with our youth from different bastis of Bhopal: