We believe in the philosophy of sustainable living that aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources and carbon footprint. The testimony to this is the Muskaan’s office/school (Jeevan Shiksha Pahal) which is made up of mud bricks and other reused materials. Along with this we intend to establish a circular economy within Muskaan.

To ensure the same, we initiated the practice of permaculture (organic farming) and making compost from kitchen waste with the children of JSP in Muskaan. We have also made attempts to replicate the same practice in some of the bastis where we work. The youth of the bastis with whom we work are also now becoming conscious of the importance of waste segregation, reducing the natural resources and plastic consumption and discarding the waste in a sustainable way.

Through the thought leadership of the youth of such consciousness around the emergency of climate change, we also organize cleaning drives/campaigns. To know more about these attempts to ensure sustainable living, read about it through the following: